A website that works is a website that is maintained.  Regular and consitant addition of content is key to developing return traffic and grabbing the attention of search engines.  An updated and active site will snag a visible position in search engine listings more rapidly than a site that never grows.  That's where webmastering comes in.

isn't a site done once it's built?

Building is the just the first step in having a website that gets traffic.  As your business grows, so too must your site.  Whether it's offering information to potential customers or a convenient resource for existing customers, a website, like your company, must be maintained if it is to attract business and become profitable.

so just what is webmastering?

Webmastering involves anything from updating information on a website, adding new functions, expanding the site's structure and editing the design/navigation as needed to accomodate any changes.

At Advanced Digital Websites, we respect that each business and website is unique.  That is why we work in partnership with our regional and Boston webmastering clients to deliver customized solutions.  Our services include :

  • content generation
  • graphic management
  • new page addition
  • site map maintenance
  • page updates
  • feature / function management
  • navigation system management
  • copy editing