SEO Process

Each website and each business is unique. Unlike some Boston search engine optimization companies, we provide a customized optimization solution rather than a one-size-fits-all package. We'll work with you create an SEO service package ideally suited to your needs.

The process of optimizing an existing site starts by developing a full picture of where you are now. This means reviewing how your site is coded and organized as well as your current traffic volume and sources. Additionally, it involves a review of your visibility and ranking on the search engines, as well as where you stand in comparison to your competitors.

With this information in hand, the next step is to develop a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy tailored to your specific needs. Your customized strategy can include elements known as organic seo and when warranted, ppc or pay-per-click.

In plain English, we'll take the time to explain your site's current position, the recommended steps to optimize it and what each step will achieve. We believe the process of search engine optimization is a partnership, and take steps to make sure our clients are involved every step of the way.

organic seo versus ppc

Many assume search engine optimization means advertising on the search engines, but this is just part of the story.  Steps that address how search engine friendly a website is, how it is built and the volume of links that point to it, are known as organic seo.  These steps provide long lasting results.  Pay per click,  or ppc, on the other hand involves the purchase of search engine ads.  It provides an instant traffic boost when done correctly, but does not provide long-lasting results.  Once your ad campaign ends, so too does the traffic boost.  Understanding how organic seo and ppc work is a big part of developing the best SEO strategy to meet your company's needs.