PPC Advertising

Ideal for generating an immediate boost to a site's traffic, pay per click, or ppc, campaigns are probably the most widely known optimization step.

In a pay per click campaign with the major engines, specific keywords are targeted and bid upon, auction style.  Your ads featuring these search terms are then run on the engine, and a charge made to your account each time your ad is clicked (bringing traffic to your site).  How prominently your ad is displayed depends upon the amount bid.

To manage costs, a monthly budget can be set for ppc campaigns.   Once that monthly budget is reached, your ads are removed and will not run again until the following month's budget becomes active.

The greatest benefit of a pay per click campaign is that, when done correctly, it brings immediate targeted traffic to your site.  The biggest drawback,  however, is that ppc is not sustainable.  Once your monthly budget is reached or the campaign itself ends, that traffic source is gone.

Keys to ppc success

Successful pay per click campaigns require forethought and regular management.

  • The strongest and most targeted search terms must be identified to generate the best results.
  • The cost of these terms should be weighed against your budget to narrow the list for targeting.
  • Optimized ads must be written that meet the engine's requirements and appeal to the public
  • Pay per click campaigns must be regularly monitored to identify the effectiveness of targeted terms and ad performance
  • Adjustments to targeted search terms and ad copy must be made as needed