Tracking a website's position and progress is a critical part of any search engine optimization program.  From identifying the site's ranking at the start to monthly reports along the way, we provide our clients with a full compliment of website metrics as a measure of their site's standing.

SEO and website metrics

ADW provides customized seo reporting and website metrics, but search engine optimization programs typically involve these core reports:

  • traffic volume reporting - a complimentary monthly report reviewing the number of unique visitors and pageviews for each month of the year.
  • referred traffic reporting - a complimentary monthly report that identifies the source of traffic to your website; search engine and referring site alike.
  • keyword analysis - run at the start and during an seo program, this report identifies the strongest search terms for targeting
  • keyword ranking - a report identifying how a site ranks on a targeted search term or keyword run at the start and throughout an seo program
  • inbound link volume - reporting that shows the number and source of links coming into a client site from site's around the web as recognized by the major search engines
  • competitive reporting - an analysis of where a client stands in comparison to its competitiors in terms of link volume and/or keyword ranking.
  • historical analytics - reporting of any type spanning data accumulated over months or years that provides an historical comparison of a website's past and current standing.