E-Commerce Web Design

Sites that sell merchandise online have very specific needs, so the ecommerce web design process is tailored accordingly.  These web designs must engage the attention of customers and indexing search engines alike.  They must also process ecommerce transactions seamlessly and securely.  On top of everything else, they must be built correctly in order to be a website that gets traffic.

Determining what is needed for each client is the cornerstone of good ecommerce web design.

Elements of ecommerce web design

To deliver secure transactions, e-commerce web design projects must include  :

  • shopping cart - features inventory/shipping information and collects payment data
  • payment gateway - securely transmits encrypted payment information for processing and authorization
  • merchant account - verifies transactions and moves funds to your checking account
  • POS interface - brick and morter businesses with with point-of-sales (POS) equipment need a seamless communication route between the POS and the e-commerce web design.

While many elements are involved in creating e-commerce websites that get traffic, ADW  prrovides each client with an efficient development strategy and a clear explanation of what is needed and what it all means. 

We believe an informed client partnered with a knowledgeable e-commerce web design firm creates the most powerful results.