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Attorney Roger Lipson

Project Overview : Created an informational site for Brookline Attorney Roger Lipson.  The client had no existing online presence and desired a site from which to attract and provide information to new clients.  Client also required photography services.

Site Features : Wordpress platform, static page and blog areas, SEO plugins, original photography

Boothbay Harbor Operahouse

Project Overview : Custom web design developed on the Joomla content management platform and optimized to improve search engine visibility.

Site Features : Joomla CMS, event calendar, local attraction/business directory, Google maps integration

Boston Eventworks

Project Overview : Acted as a earch engine optimization consultant, advising development firm on best seo practices in building the site.  Developed site architecture and generated optimized page copy.  Provided post-launch search engine optimization strategy recommendations.

Boston Retainer

Project Overview : Created original site design based upon client specifications.  Developed site on the Joomla content management system to enable client to assume management after launch.  Provided rudimentary search engine optimization strategy recommendations.

Brickhouse Cafe

Project Overview: Client had an older website built on an extremely outdated version of Joomla.  Client was unable to keep site current and desired a cleaner, more polished design.

ADW reworked the site's organization, redesigned its appearance, updated the content management system and added an easily-maintained photo gallery.  In addition, photography services were provided to better represent the Brickhouse Cafe's facility and cuisine.

Site Features : Joomla content management system, photo gallery featuring slideshow functionality

Little Children Schoolhouse

Project Overview : One of our original clients, Brookline childcare, preschool and Pre-K provider, Little Children Schoolhouse wanted to freshen up their original design to reflect the school's additions over the years. ADW spruced up the existing logo using bolder, bright colors. This concept was carried over into the site redesign to portray the school's spacious classrooms and extensive learning resources. Inviting and cheerful, this design is under development on the Joomla platform.

Site Features : Functionality includes private registered area for LCS parents, JQuery-driven slideshows and original video produced by ADW. We also set up and manage Google pay per click (ppc) campaigns for the school and provide ongoing supplemental webmastering as needed.

Brookline Chamber

Project Overview : The Brookline Chamber of Commerce has been a client for a number of years.  In our first project, ADW migrated their existing site design to a content management platform to enable Chamber staff to assume management.  Created and implemented updated site structure and new design.  Provided management training as well as search engine optimization and social media strategy recommendations.

In recent years, the site was converted to the Joomla platform to provide better security, more robust functionality and improved ease of use.  In moving to the Joomla platform, ADW also provided the BCC members with the ability to register, manage and renew their memberships online.  The lastest incarnation of the BCC site streamlines member management tasks for internal staff and better integrates their social media efforts.

Site Features : Joomla CMS, business directory, membership management/renewal functionality, newsletter management mechanism, event calendar, social  media integration.

Brookline Teen Center

Project Overview : Brookline Teen Center interns worked with a third-party design firm to create the site's design concept.  ADW provided custom development of their design using Joomla content management platform to simplify client management of the site.  Search engine optimization of site construction coupled with integration of social networking strategy.  ADW continues to provide webmastering services in support of internal staff's efforts.

Site Features : Joomla CMS platform, multiple polls, newsletter delivery and subscription, donation mechanism integraion, slideshow and photo gallery.

Project Overview : Migrated site from Mambo to Joomla content management system and redesigned layout, functionality and focus.  The Brookline Hub was completely reworked to implement a magazine-style presentation.

Site Features : Joomla CMS, robust and interactive business directory, slideshow and multiple photo galleries, active commenting mechanism, featured article highlighting, social media integration, content archiving system, newsletter management/mailing mechanism.

Creepy Kid Productions

Project Overview : Designed and developed website for film production company based upon client specifications. Implemented an e-commerce solution for merchandising.  Embedded video clips and created subscription management solution.

Feed Brookline

Project Overview : This project required a website and mobile-ready site to house e-commerce donation mechanism, videos, photo galleries, newsfeed updates and more.  The site's purpose is to act as a centralized location for information about efforts and organizations addressing food insecurity in Brookline.  

Site Features : Joomla platform, customized mobile-ready template, social media integration, multimedia resource integration, RSS feed integration

Project Overview : Developed site organization and created client's design on a content mananagement system platform.  Implemented e-commerce solution to enable online sales of merchandise line.  Provide periodic webmastering as needed.

Happily Ever After

Project Overview : Developed English and Portuguese versions of this site for a local Justice of the Peace.  Created site organization and design.  Developed English page copy and implemented client's Portuguese translations.

HumanResourceRX MA

Project Overview : Custom web design and development on the Joomla content management system platform to provide simplified site management for client. Advised client on social media and RSS integration within the site to improve overall value and visibility.

Ipswich River Media

Project Overview : Implemented client design on the Joomla content management system platform.  Installed Wordpress blogging platform and integrated within site structure.  Embedded video.

Jacqueline Buyze Mediation

Project Overview : Created original logo and site design.  Implemented design on a content management system to enable client to assume its management upon launch.  Developed appointment registration/calendar system.  Provided rudimentary search engine optimization strategy recommendations.

Jim Sullivan Ink

Project Overview : Created original logo and blog-style site design.  Created site on a content management system to enable Boston-based entertainment columnnist to assume site management upon launch.  Implemented banner rotation system.  Created optimized page copy.  Provided keywording analysis and rudimentary search engine optimization strategy recommendations.

Manna Massage

Project Overview : Worked with client's design firm to develop this site on a content managment system to enable this Boston massage therapist to manage the site independently upon launch. Implemented mechanisms for rotating testimonials, newsletter subscription and contact form.


Project Overview : The client developed a launch-pending database product. They needed a "front-end" website that provided product information, membership registration, purchase and management functions.  Their team of contract developers responsible for product development would then assume control of the site in order to integrate it with their product.

Working with the client, ADW first developed a site architecture for all elements prior to product connection.  From this model, we provided several design options, and began the build process once a finalized design was selected.

In addition to creating the approved visual elements, this project involved creating a membership structure, implementing a registration, purchase and membership management mechanism for 52 different plans.  This process also involved setting up payment gateway, a merchant account and coordinating all with the membership management component.  A highly complex undertaking, the site was then turned over to the client's contract developers for integration so that membership(s) held correlates with product access provided.

Site Features : Joomla CMS platform, JQuery based product popups, ecommerce integration, membership registration/management functionality

Party Favors

Project Overview : Recovered and migrated existing site to a more stable hosting provider.  Designed and implemented new site structure and design.  Developed the site on the Joomla content management platform to enable client's internal staff to assume primary site management. Provided rudimentary search engine optimization recommendations.  Provide ongoing support and development as client's functionality needs expand.

Site Features : Joomla CMS, multiple category and seasonally-based Flash displays, order form development, custom photography, multiple product photo catalogs

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