About Us

On March 1, 1998 in one of those “I can’t believe I’m actually doing this” moments I founded Advanced Digital Replication, Inc.  After putting in a lot of hard work, using every stress management tool available, and the commitment of our great staff members, including VP of Client Services, Leanne Jacobellis, we are still going strong after sailing past our tenth year in business.

As with any business, over the course of time ADR has needed to make positive upgrades to stand out in a very competitive marketplace.  It was a proud moment the day we launched our first website in 1999.  It looked great, served as a terrific vehicle to help educate our clients on what we do, and in many cases helped them facilitate their projects.

What our new website didn’t do was generate more business for ADR.  In 2003, I met Catie Hayes, and learned about search engine optimization.  Catie rebuilt ADR’s site.  This was a key step in our efforts to expand ADR to a company with a global reach.  Today, over 90% of our new clients come from leads through our website.  I was so fascinated by the process of developing websites that I founded coolidgecornerhub.com as a way to give back to the community where our first office was located.

After launching the Coolidge Corner Hub, several requests to build websites began to come in, and before we knew it we were in the web business.  Search engine optimization has been our niche in the marketplace.  After years of owning a great website that lacked the ability to drive our business, I’ve become semi-obsessed with developing sites and helping businesses transform their existing sites to bring in more revenue opportunities.  For my company, optimizing our website has been our most cost effective means to increase revenue.

Now 10 years after forming ADR, we are proud to announce the formation of Advanced Digital Websites, Inc.  ADR is still a leader in the media replication and packaging business, so don’t forget about us.  Our new company, ADW is dedicated to helping businesses develop websites that get traffic. Catie Hayes, the person who introduced us to SEO, is still here as our VP of Web Services.

Next to being a parent, building a business with my own two hands, is my most important function in life.  Nothing gives me more satisfaction than to help small, large, and larger companies grow, prosper and get noticed through higher website volume.  I also love that ADW affords me the opportunity to continue to give back to the community.  We have already helped build sites for the Opera House at Booth Bay, the Brookline Teen Center, the West End House Music Club, and Room to Grow.  There was a lot I didn’t have growing up and without the help of many mentors I wouldn’t have had the confidence to try and make the most of myself.  At ADW and ADR, we will always be open to opportunities to give back.

Ok, so brass tacks time, what can we promise you?  We promise that we are experienced, dedicated, honest, and everything you contract us to do will receive our full attention.  We look forward to working with you.

R. Harvey Bravman

Advanced Digital Websites, Inc.